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Promotional Materials, Speeches, & "Resumes"

Today’s executive has less time than ever to spend reading promotional materials or resumes and typically spends less than 5 seconds glancing at these before discarding them. So, whatever you have to say needs to be said in a way that it can be used in combination with a design that controls and directs a readers eye to the key points and sells you in seconds.

Whether you’re writing copy for a business presentation or a resume to get you in the door to present yourself as the ideal candidate to a business, you need the right words written to make you stand out in print. You also need the words written in the right sequence and positioned on the paper to captivate and keep the reader engaged.

Writing your story is our forte; a story that brings out the best in you and gives you an edge in the market place by identifying what makes you unique. We write with the objective of creating a desire for the reader to want more from you. We excel in developing strong content combined with the use of design elements to make you and/or your company service and product offering stand out.

Whether it’s a one page cover letter, a resume, a full marketing and media packet or even your own life story for family, friends or company employees – we write to invite the reader to want more from you and/or your company..


  • Click on the compass at any point to schedule an initial consultation - $300 or call to provide credit card information by phone.
  • E-mail your current resume or project overview/assignment as an attachment.
  • Send a link or copy of advertisements applicable to your interests if you are in need of a “resume”.
  • Provide an overview of your goals and objections including financial goals, locations or relocation information relevant to project and timelines.
Put yourself and your story in print today to ensure a brighter future.
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Don’t wait until you need a resume for a new job or you get called in to highlight your best work on the job to your current employer. Be prepared with the right words and a powerful presentation when the company newsletter editor, local paper, or marketing department is looking for projects and people to promote.

Invest in a personal bio for yourself or someone who needs to see how special they are in print. It may be the bio that boosts your net worth at the next networking meeting.