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  Stephanie Moore Chipman. Inspiring A New Generation Of Consumers  
Writing * Marketing * Consulting * Training
  1. Initial Consultation: Mission & Vision Statement Overview & Project Evaluation

  2. Ideas developed for generating new revenue sources (non-customers) & rekindling flames of interest from existing customer base: Written Overview & Report based on mission & vision statement overview or initial consultation)

  3. Written strategic canvas designed for making changes matter to clients, employees, friends and family, launching new products and bringing new life to a stagnate work environment - Project Retainer based on needs assessment (#1 & #2)

  4. Over site of implementation process during new product, service and event launches.

  5. Motivational presentations to build support for change management campaigns. (Fee Based on development time, number of attendees and location assessed in #1)

  6. Writing & Creative Editorial Design Services: Ideas developed for Event Marketing Materials, Web Sites, Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, etc. (Clients partnered and projects managed utilizing appropriate talent to best match project and targeted audience – graphic designers, web developers, newsletter editors, etc. (Project Retainer/Planning Fee + % product/materials production costs).

  7. Training Seminars/Projects customized for targeted audiences to inspire increased involvement in a cause, raise funds and ignite creativity and solutions to problems within a select community.

  8. One-on-One Consulting: Personal Goal Assessments, Private Practice Needs Evaluation, Personal Life Achievement Review and Team Mediations: Retainer based on assessment in #1 (written documentation and follow-up billed separately, including resumes & bios)

  9. On-site service review: Review of activities by Industry Specific and experienced “Outsider” to compliment in-house observations and needs assessments. Focuses on looking for means to enhance services, product offerings, value to customers and improve customer relations – not what needs to be “fixed” or is being done “wrong”. (Rate based on department/division/location -- Project Retainer + expenses).

All New Clients
Initial Consultation & Project Evaluation
Required to book appointment

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Ideas Developed – Written Documentation / Report $700
Paid in advance with Initial Consultation Fee

Project scope, timelines and portfolio of services customized based on Client’s Need.