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  Stephanie Moore Chipman. Inspiring A New Generation Of Consumers  
Our Philosophy - inspiring a new generation of consumers

We like the process of hearing out a client, guiding them through the maze of opportunities that exist when solutions are sought using innovative thinking in the strategic planning process. We strive to deliver the message that creativity and innovation are essential to moving forward in life in providing the services and tools to teach businesses and individuals how to navigate their way into blue oceans by tapping into and capitalizing on their own unique core of creativity.

Because our philosophy evolved in the 80’s during the information age, it is only natural we are in sync with the mindset of Bill Gates who believes, "The mantra for responsible innovations is that we must become problem solvers. For science, for technology, for health delivery, problem-solving will require new ways of doing business."

Moore Motivates & More, Inc. believes investing in the education of people and integrating innovation and technology at all levels supports the premise that unified communications will be the focus for predicting how business is done in the future. We are a global society and problem solving by bringing new ideas and people across the continents together will ultimately create new demand and new market space for businesses. And it is in the oxymoron of using technology together with innovation that will bring our society back to a place in which we will recognize that people are more important than processes. In doing so, we will unleash the passion and potential that each one of us brings with us to work every day and inspire a new generation of consumers.

"The soul never thinks without a mental image" -Aristotle

Our work is driven by the need for new ideas and the practice of creating an environment for our clients to make our very process of thinking visible. Using both words and images, Stephanie allows clients to see the parts and the whole of problems to notice the relationships between ideas which includes the use of symbols of all sorts. She skillfully provides ideas for creating solutions and new demand by using a strategic canvas; making ideas exist on paper outside the brain where they can be explored in greater depth. Stephanie uses an easy to follow strategic planning process for Adult learners to record their ideas, explore concepts and present their thinking to others. By doing so, she creates a shift in classroom dynamics from passive to interactive learning for all to see.


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