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  Stephanie Moore Chipman. Inspiring A New Generation Of Consumers  
Marketing & Strategic Planning

Want to learn how to create or maximize the impact of a compelling tagline? Need to refine and refocus to strengthen your identity? Looking for the words to get the message out? A way to get to know and identify with your customers better?

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Let Moore Motivates & Moore inspire a new generation of consumers by teaching you how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.

Moore Motivates & More, Inc. is a communications firm that evolved from the entrepreneurial spirit which its founder started Exec Time & Telecommunications in the late 80s. From a rapidly developing hands on communications firm that moved its clients into the information age and beyond, its founder developed a comprehensive, intuitiveness of what motivates consumers and instills customer loyalty with a depth and breadth of expertise that sets her apart from any competitor. Carving out a nitch unique to any other marketing, public relations or communications firm, Moore Motivates & More came on the scene at the turn of the 21st Century and stays true to its promise not just to analyze and identify problems, but to teach consumers how to capture new market share and set it apart from the competition.

Collective mindshare produces innovative results in a variety of industries for companies including, healthcare, education, government, entertainment, aviation, financial services and hi-tech. Clients hold one core belief it is possible to create a leap in value for companies and consumers alike by simultaneously pursuing differentiation and low cost by utilizing value innovations to become market leaders on a regional, national and international scale.

Creativity and Innovation is bridged with an intuitive vision for developing strategic canvases for execution by in-house teams. Ideas are developed from making astute observations, asking tough questions and providing opportunities for internal and external customers to look at a problem with a different mindset.

We teach you how to get results and execute strategic canvases by engaging all staff into the process making everyone a willing and accountable stakeholder.

Our commitment to you:
  • To help you identify how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • To build employee trust and commitment and inspire voluntary involvement for making necessary changes
  • To teach you how to make marketing moves to attract new market share and create new demand
  • To collaborate with your company with the same compassion, care and attention to detail and professionalism that we utilize in our own company.
Training, Seminars & Retreats:
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Training
  • Customized Motivational Seminars
  • Chapter Reviews, Book Overviews
  • Customer Service Training & Sales Presentations
Marketing Consulting & Branding:
  • Ideas & strategies to build revenues
  • New product launches
  • Integrated marketing plans
  • Company & product positioning
  • Corporate identity programs
Public Relations & Communications:
  • Consumer & trade publicity
  • Community outreach & special events
  • Creative copy & design
  • All types of print pieces
  • Website development
One-on-one on-going collaboration for creating and executing innovative ideas to take existing businesses into new markets and help navigate a course for emerging businesses to follow.