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Personal one-on-one Consultations
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Ideas for creating a strategic canvas and for addressing complex issues from a new view in the privacy of our office in historic downtown Springfield, Illinois or your own personal and professional environment.

Intense Needs Assessment & Solution Review: This program is completely tailored to your marketing needs, your company situation, the marketing plan you currently have in place and the attention to specific projects, products or services that you require. It is an intense program to get you where you need to go. The program's structure is defined in the initial consultation, but refined on an ongoing basis as you and your consultant continue to meet on-line, via telephone conversations or in person.


  • Direct mail, telemarketing and Internet marketing experience
  • Strong creative skills particularly creative strategy, copy writing and editing.
  • Strong analytical skills for program analysis.
  • Detail-oriented, excellent interpersonal, oral and written communications skills
  • Ability to work well in a team-based environment
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Open to a continually changing work environment
  • Comfortable managing internal and external resources

Moore Motivates & More, Inc is proactive and willing to adapt work processes to any new technologies and information made available to assist in the consultative process with you and/or your employees.

We work with your time and budget to support you in making changes or charting a new course of action to introduce yourself, a product or service to a specific market.

Consultation for Collective Minds

Small groups use our private training room to get away for the morning, afternoon, or lunch hour to review their project with a facilitator. Half day rates applicable ($450).